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Jonathan Maystrik

Founder & CEO

A native of Long Island, New York, Mr. Maystrik has spent the past 20 years studying and caring for trees in the San Francisco Bay Area. His experience started with the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District in 2001. His main roles and responsibilities were tied to park maintenance and park improvement projects within the county parks system. It was at this time that he realized that tree care and arboriculture was his calling. He joined a small outfit, TreeCO tree service, in 2003 and obtained his Arborist Certification in 2005. Here he practiced the care of trees through pruning, health care services, diagnosis, technical removal and stump removal services. This also provided him with experience of working with teams and building a culture of safety within the company.

His interests grew into the business of tree care and in 2006 he joined another small firm, Arborwell Professional Tree Management. Starting as an estimator, he was given that opportunity to learn the other side of the tree care world. His manager was the highest producing Arborist in the Bay Area. He emersed himself in the commercial property management, Homeowner Association and Municipal demographics.  He moved quickly into sales and by 2020, they grew a business from $7 Million Dollars in 3 regions to $35 Million in 7 regions across the West Coast. Over his 15 year career at Arborwell, Jonathan was awarded many accolades for his achievements with the firm. This includes highest growth of sales year over year, Leader of Plant Health Care treatment sales as well as recording over $20 million dollars in Sales Revenue over 12 years. Arborwell became an Employee-Owned Company in 2017. Mr. Maystrik joined the ESOP communications committee and was promoted to Chair of the committee from 2019-2020. He learned the value that employee ownership possessed. He succeeded in mass buy-in throughout the entire company. He traveled to all regions, filmed videos, hosted events and championed the ESOP to the benefit of the entire organization.

Due to a series of events out of the control of the employee owners, the business was sold in 2020. Shortly after this time, Mr. Maystrik was promoted to Branch Manager where he continued to increase his experience growing and building teams. He worked with the executive teams to provide financial projections, Capitol expense reporting, analyzing the Profit and Loss statements and overseeing the overall success of the business.

His experiences at Arborwell, now SavATree, have afforded him the knowledge base to take any tree care company to the highest level. His focus is now on The Arboreal Company, where the American Dream lies for him and generations to follow.

Claudia Martinez

Customer Experience Manager

Claudia is an emerging professional with an extensive background in customer service. She found a passion forcreating a memorable customer experience during her time in the retail industry. Being a beauty advisor for the Ayurvedic brand Aveda, she learned the importance of listening and understanding an individual's needs to curate a unique experience. During this time, she attended Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School where she honed her skills and attention to detail. She was able to learn not only how to beautify the client, but also to find the value in organization and aesthetics. She then moved into a customer support role, assisting in handling business-to-business accounts in the Wholesale Flooring industry. She nurtured client relationships and provided cateredexperiences to the accounts she managed. Claudia then landed a role as a sales support specialist at a large tree care firm,introducing her to tree care and arboriculture. While assisting in contract management and customer service, she felt intrigued by all the aspects that went on in the tree care industry. She was a leader in the department while putting together proposals, identifying trees, and writing scopes of work for general tree care and health care services. She witnessed the importance of a safety culture being implemented in all the components of the arboricultural business. This experience planted the seed for her current role as an Arborist Representative at The Arboreal Company. Under the leadership of Jonathan Maystrik in the past and present, has helped shape her career in tree care. Her background in administrative roles has tremendously benefited her transition into a practical one. Her ability to take on new challenges has allowed her to pivot into this new season of her career. Her goals include making positive impacts in the green industry, by prioritizing safety, catered solutions, and empowering women in an underrepresented industry.

Michael Green

Customer Experience Manager

As a bay area native, Michael Green attended De Anza college for Graphic Design and Marketing and quickly realized he wanted to spend his days outside in nature with his talents. After almost a decade in the Food Beverage/Entertainment industry, he has spent the past 5 years working in the landscaping and tree care industries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Combining his experience working for a local, small landscape firm and larger arboriculture corporations, Michael takes pride in providing the best care possible for all forms of plant life big and small! Garnering experience with expert pruning practices, removals, and replacements, to providing complete plant health care plans and full site inventory estimates, Michael has what it takes to improve any property and increase values! His focus on safety and camaraderie within the teams is second to none! 

A true outdoorsman, Michael enjoys hiking, fishing, camping and knows his way around a golf course! You will find that Michael spends most of his free time outside enjoying the best of what Silicon Valley has to offer. After taking some time to spend with family, Michael has joined The Arboreal Company team in March 2024 and has quickly become a valuable addition, hungry for sharing his passion for success! Facing every day with a positive mindset and looking to provide catered solutions to issues we are facing in the tree care world; Michael brings a fresh approach to arboriculture in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond!

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